Erik Mueller-Harder, September 2017

Erik (far right) with essential volunteers (back row, left to right) Mark Kaminsky, Marc Zender, Andrew Peterson; (front row) Cameron Mueller-Harder, Karen Mueller-Harder

Vermont Softworks, LLC, is a minuscule company headquartered in the southwest corner of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

Our staff comprises:

Erik Mueller-Harder (head developer, Media-terrestrial mapmaker, independent scholar, webmaster, & research assistant) and various family members and friends, as necessary.

Contacting & following us:

Vermont Softworks, LLC, was incorporated as a Vermont domestic limited liability company on January 26, 2012. From 1997 to 2012, Vermont Softworks, LLC, did business as “Praxisworks.” In addition to this web site, Vermont Softworks is solely responsible for:

Erik has an A.L.B. (B.A.) cum laude from Harvard University. His interests include the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, classical music, espresso, cartography, linguistics, keyboards (for typing), Macintosh (the Apple computer), cider-making (with lower-case apples),…

Contacting & following Erik: