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Drafts for The Hobbit

Technically, the first maps that Tolkien worked on for The Lord of the Rings were really for The Hobbit, since the novels share the same basic location and time.

Thror’s Map & Erebor

We have two drafts of Thror’s Map (TAI #133) and (TAI #220), as well as the publisher’s proof (TAI #221), as well as a couple of schematic drawings of the Lonely Mountain (TAI #136) and (TAI #320)

236, 137, more

The Hobbit

The Hobbit was first published in 1937, and contained Thror’s map (TAI #3) and Wilderland (TAI #14). Tolkien himself drew the maps that appeared in ’37 and in (at least) the vast majority of English editions sold by his publishers.

Extending Wilderland