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Under the hood

A few weeks ago, my personal web site erikmh​.org was hit by a small problem at my long-standing internet presence provider (IPP) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, pair Networks. I took advantage of the problem by migrating it from static .html files (blindingly fast, but difficult to maintain and keep updated) to the svelt and efficient ProcessWire content management system (CMS). This went more easily than expected, so I decided to capitalize on that experience and to do the same for this web site, migrating it from Squarespace in New York, while the lessons I learned from my personal site were fresh in mind.…


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A good idea, poorly implemented

My mother used to say that the right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.” Similarly, I suppose you could say that the right thing done incorrectly is also the wrong thing. And indeed, we could say just that about a good idea I had a couple of years ago — and unfortunately, I discovered only today that it was done incorrectly.…


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