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Ursula K. Le Guin: Rhythmic Pattern in The Lord of the Rings

… I knew some of Le Guin’s work as a pre-teen as early as the mid-70s, and have always enjoyed her writing — I’d read and enjoyed some of her work even before I’d discovered The Lord of the Rings, though I’d known The Hobbit well already at the time. But it is only with this essay that I realize how well Le Guin knew Tolkien’s work, or how much she appreciated it.…


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On reading Here be cartographers”

Nicholas Tam, occasional blogger at Ntuple Indemnity, wrote an immensely enjoyable post entitled Here be cartographers: Reading the fantasy map” last … well, not last” anything: Last April of 2011. You know you’re reading a long-form” blog, when it’s not until the seventh and eighth paragraphs that a writer tells you what he plans to write about: So when we open up a novel to find a map, we can think of the map as an act of narration. But what kind of narration?” …


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