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Rateliff (& Christopher Tolkien) at Marquette

A month ago today, John Rateliff (author of The History of The Hobbit) posted an interesting entry. He begins:

So, two months ago today I was at Marquette, talking to Dr. Machan’s Tolkien class there in the morning (“how to become a Tolkien Scholar”) and giving a talk at the Library in the afternoon about how The Hobbit manuscript wound up in Milwaukee, of all places, including an anecdotal account of what little is known about JRRT’s planned trip there. We had a good turn-out for the latter talk, which they recorded on video. And now they’ve gone through and put together a ten-minute representative excerpt from the Q‑and‑A session at the end. 1 1 John Rateliff, Me, at Marquette”. Sacnoth’s Scriptorium, 2012-12-03.


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